Facilitate Customer Engagement

EyeRate is a data aggregation and incentive program that rewards employees for facilitating positive customer engagement online. 

Increase Your Online Reputation

Easily sway happy customers to boost your reputation on review platforms while engaging with negative feedback internally.

Gain Insights

Learn who your top performers are and gain actionable knowledge on your business' interactions with customers.


Incentive System

For every positive interaction, your team will receive a bonus for their high level of service.

Data Analysis Updates

Determine who are your top performers by receiving monthly reports of your business' online reputation over time. 

Interactive Web App

See all your reviews and online conversions in one place. 

Customer Rewards

Give a reason for your customers to come back by rewarding them for their feedback.

Boost SEO

Increase your average reviews per month to improve your search engine optimization.

Instant Feedback

Monitor the guest experience by receiving notifications of their sentiments in real time.