Customer Feedback Automation and Employee Incentive Platform.

Connect your Point of Sale (POS)

Automate the EyeRate customer review process by hooking into one of our existing POS integrations.

Build Your Team Leaderboard

Once a buyer recognizes a member of staff for their customer service, their positive track record will appear on your team leaderboard.

"Mobilize" Your Team

Boost team morale and foster a positive company culture with The Edge Employee App—available for iOS and Android.

Automated Review Process

Our platform automatically tracks employee review mentions, so your team gets recognized and paid for their exceptional customer service.

Easily Claim Rewards

We make it easy for your employees to claim their rewards and incentives with direct deposit on our mobile app for iOS and Android.

Set-up Flex Rewards

Want to offer PTO and preferred scheduling instead of cash? Build positive relationships by setting the employee incentive programs that matter the most to your team.

Get the Word Out

Announce new or updated products, sales processes, and service offerings company-wide within competitions.

The Spirit of Competition

Set up automated competitions between sales reps to get your teams' competitive juices flowing.

Collect Feedback From Your Team

Create new business development opportunities by surveying your employees and securing valuable feedback.

Run Test Marketing Campaigns

Create custom SMS call-to-actions and set up appointment bookings to encourage brand loyalty and boost sales revenue.

Respond to Unhappy Guests

Grow your business through prospect engagement and improve customer satisfaction by responding to unsatisfied customers directly via SMS.

Revenue from Saved Customers

Open the door to new business opportunities by turning unhappy guests into a loyal client base with our customer communication platform.

Informed and Streamlined Feedback

Automate the feedback process to enable hassle-free reviewing for new and current customers.

Unlock Team Performance

Easily identify which of your current employees are providing the most consistently delightful customer experiences.

Identify your Top Employees

Learn the details so you can better incentivize extraordinary employees with recognition and rewards.

Our Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

Frequently asked questions

Can we integrate our existing Point of Sale system?

EyeRate integrates with over 75 major POS systems including Mindbody, Square, CDK Global, BLVD, Tekmetric, Clubready, ABD, and more. If you're running your business on an existing POS system, we'll help you integrate it into our platform. Then, whenever someone makes a purchase, our solution will handle the rest, meaning you don't need to put in any extra work manually asking for reviews.

Who has EyeRate worked with?

We've provided our services to thousands of different leadership teams worldwide, helping businesses reward outstanding customer service, boost employee satisfaction, and supercharge annual sales. Some of the notable brands we've worked with include Gold's Gym, Xponential Fitness, Zoom Room, and Sandbox VR.

What are Flex Rewards?

EyeRate's Flex Rewards scheme allows you to set the rewards that matter the most to your team. Whether it's paid time off, preferred scheduling or cash bonuses that make your employees tick, our employee incentives program empowers you to hand out the prizes that work for you.

Getting started is easy

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