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Each employee platform pricing & plan provides you with automated customer feedback and unlimited review generation. You also get EyeRate revenue share, our solution to support employee payouts for your service business in US and Canada. Chose the best option below.


The Startup Plan is a good fit for an owner-operated service business looking to get a location or store established.
Connect to 75+ POS Integrations for an automated workflow
Unlimited Customer Reviews & Feedback
Unlimited Employee Enrollment
Automated Employee Mention Tracking
Employee Payout Reporting
Employee Management iOS & Android App
Real-time Activity Feed (Pulse)
Individual and Team Performance Reporting
Staff earns up to $125 a month in EyeRate revenue share
Access to Online Help and Training


Great fit for multi-location corporate and franchise brands with a high volume of customers and employees.
All features offered in the Startup Plan
Direct Deposit Employee Payments
Automated Sales Competitions & Leaderboard
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
Employee Flex Rewards - Cash, Swag, In-store Product, Time off
Custom Reward Options - Points, Discounts, or Reward Options
Multi-Location Support
  • Job Satisfaction Surveys
  • Reward Pooling
  • Revenue Share
  • Reporting
  • Sales Leaderboards
Access & Manage 1099 tax on rewards
Guided setup by our onboarding team.


Perfect for national corporate and franchise brands looking to automate and simplify their employee rewards.
All the features offered in the Startup and Growth Plan.
Account Management Services plus all the onboarding support in the Growth plan.
Early Access (Premium Features)
Web Chat Widget - Add a custom-branded chat widget to your website and interact directly with your customers through SMS and the EyeRate portal
Embedded Reviews - Add a custom-branded reviews widget to your website where customers can review your EyeRate reviews and view your top-performing employees' profiles

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Frequently asked questions

What is Employee-Driven Growth?

Employee-driven growth is a philosophy that encourages and empowers employees to actively contribute to the growth and success of the businesses they work for, while being recognized and rewarded for their hard work and valuable contributions.

What is Employee-Driven Growth software?

Software designed to facilitate the implementation of employee-driven growth strategies within organizations. It enables businesses to empower their employees, foster a culture of growth, and maximize the collective potential of their workforce while advancing their business.

Why use Employee-Driven Growth software?

By using employee-driven growth software, businesses can empower their workforce, enhance productivity, drive customer growth and achieve sustainable long-term success.

What is the best Employee-Driven Growth software?

For the best employee-driven growth software, look no further than the company that defined the category. EyeRate has already helped over 5,000 businesses and 90,000 employees experience first-hand the benefits of our employee advocacy software. Your business could be next.

Can I trust EyeRate?

Yes - we take our ethics seriously, and are committed to integrity. But don’t take our word for it—Join the thousands of businesses, employees, and partners that use and trust EyeRate today.

Is EyeRate a SaaS company, marketplace, of consumer fintech company?

EyeRate is a SaaS company, focused solely on building employee-driven growth software solutions to help businesses as well as their employees and customers.

Is EyeRate a good place to grow your career?

Want to work for a mission-driven company backed by positive, optimistic, tenacious and supportive people? Looking to lead the way as a frontrunner in an innovative new industry? EyeRate is the place for you.

Is EyeRate available in US and Canada only?

Yes, EyeRate currently supports service-based businesses in the US and Canada only. We plan to support international countries in the near future.

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