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At EyeRate, we’re committed to helping employees like you recognize your value. Our employee incentive platform will help you feel more motivated at work, gain recognition for your outstanding contributions, and achieve unparalleled success in your career. We believe that employees are the driving force behind the success of any business. EyeRate is here to build and shape the future of the workplace with you at our side. 

To accomplish our goal, we’ve developed an innovative solution known as the ‘Employee-Driven Growth Engine’ (EDGE). Over 100,000 employees are already earning more, leveling up their careers, and earning more money as part of our growing network. Click the link below to start your EyeRate journey today.

Accelerate your career with our Employee Driven Growth Engine

Our employee growth program makes it easy for you to get rewarded for your exceptional service. With EyeRate, you’ll earn more money, get new career opportunities, and feel more satisfied at work. Take control of your career and supercharge your growth today.

Unleash Your Potential

With our Employee-Driven Growth Engine, you have the opportunity to unlock your full potential and take control of your career trajectory while actively contributing to the business you work for.

You are an incredibly valuable asset to your employer. Our incentive platform empowers you to receive the recognition you deserve for your hard work. Open new doors and reach new heights with EyeRate.

Earn What You Deserve

Our Employee-Driven Growth platform offers you the opportunity to take control of your earning potential.

EyeRate helps your employer align their business turnover with your contributions. Plus, the platform will even reward you directly for hitting targeted milestones.

The EyeRate platform has already paid millions of dollars to employees like you, creating a fair system where valuable work is recognized and rewarded. How much money are your contributions worth?

Join Our Community

Your success is fueled by a supportive network of like-minded and talented colleagues. Our Employee-Driven Growth Platform offers a thriving community where you can connect with fellow employees, share insights, and seek guidance.

Whether you need support from colleagues, would like recognition for your hard work, or want to celebrate a fellow employee’s achievements, our platform fosters camaraderie and collaborative success. Strive for excellence together with EyeRate.

Advance Your Career

At EyeRate, we believe in fostering a culture of positivity, recognition, and advancement. EDGE opens doors to exciting career growth opportunities within the business you work for.

By consistently delivering exceptional customer service and growing your EyeRate profile, you’ll cement your status as an invaluable asset to your team. Our platform makes it easier for your employer to recognize your contributions to their business, opening up new possibilities for personal and professional development.

Empower Yourself with Technology

Our Employee-Driven Growth Engine leverages cutting-edge technology to offer real-time insights, feedback, and tools that help you excel in your role.

Our mobile app gives you instant access to customer feedback and online reviews, allows you to connect with colleagues and management, track your performance on live leaderboards, and quickly claim and cash in your hard-earned rewards. With our technology by your side, you’ll have everything you need to learn, grow, and succeed.

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Employee Recognition Matters

85% of employees worldwide feel unmotivated.

Recognition Creates Action

77% would agree to work harder if they were receiving more recognition.

Recognition Drives Profit

An 5% increase in the employee recognition can increase profitability by up to 85%.

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